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    Default divine caster monk reflex

    Just curious if anyone on the forrum had an idea for my issue.

    I have 2 simular builds with the same issue, (2monk,1wizard, 17 druid), and a (3 monk / 17 cleric).
    Need to get a passive 66 reflex, without the use of twists of faith.

    what i have right now is:
    8 levels
    14 dexterity(38 dex)
    2 lightning reflexes
    2 epic reflexes
    10 resistances
    4 insight (cant use +6, weapon uncenteres)
    5 water stance
    1 stone of chance ritual
    4 greater heroism
    3 greater luck
    2 divine desciple sacred defence
    3 brace epic past lives

    58 total, need 8 more

    I dont want to invest into feats into
    snake blood or resilience.
    Race is human, its tight on feats as it is.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    At level 20 your base Reflex save will be 7 for the Wiz/Mnk/Dru split and 8 for the Clonk split.

    Epic levels will give you 4 more.

    Ninja Spy Tier2 Agility will give you +3 reflex at tier 3.

    For the Clonk you can do the Fire/Light/Fire finisher for +2 Saves.
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    thanks for the reply.

    with epic levels and monk tree makes it a 65/64.

    fire finisher will give me a temporary bonus, its about 66 being pasive .
    still missing 1/2

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    I know you want a passive non-buffed source of reflex, but I think it's worth sying this anyway:

    There are armors on the Harbinger of Madness series that can be upgraded to +10 reflex and Infused Chaosrobe is one of them. Very easy to get and to upgrade.
    This helps me a lot when I need a reliable boost to my reflexes to cross a trap field or something.

    Edit: I just checked the link above to remember the other options and found out that the +10 used to stack (when I actualy used them on an evasion build) but not anymore.
    Still, it's useful for lower levels before you can get a better source of resistance bonus.
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