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    Default DDOCAst 331 - Update 21 Review

    Join Patrick and the Prophets of the New Republic on Khyber for a review of the content in Update 21! NOTE: If you typically listen to the audio podcast, make sure to check out the video version for some videos of Update 21 Content!

    Our raffle event with the 40th Anniversary Card Game ends this coming weekend, make sure to turn in your cards by Friday April 11. You could win some Turbine Points and a pile of cards. Check out the DDO Forum Post for details!

    Check out for mp3 audio, our show calendar, swag, archives, and more! Want to find us in game? Type "/joinchannel ddocast" and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

    News - 1:48
    Update 21 Review - 16:12
    WWBD/Lightning Post - 56:15
    Closing - 58:30

    DDO Chronicle 87
    Community update video
    Cordovan runs with Mortal Voyage Permadeath guild
    Geoff Talks Balance
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    Default Great show!

    Great show and TYVM for covering the new content!

    On a random side note, once you get comfortable with Haunted Halls you can break into 2 teams and have each team go after a crest. Then meet up at the sockets with the crests. For example, the north team takes the Doppleganger and the south team gets the other crest from the necros/zombies. Timing wise both teams sometimes end up at the sockets at roughly the same time (dep on group.)

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