These traps seem to hit for around 350-400 per tick on EE solo.

Even with a save modifier in the low 70s, which appears to be enough to save on a 1, making 8-10 reflex saves at one time by running or jumping up the stairs as you do on EN or EH can result in a quick death if you roll badly.

For the first flight of stairs, approach the base and search to find the places where the blades come out. Then, standing in the centre, move forward slowly between the middle two blades.

Be careful at this point, because the terrain will tend to push you slightly off to one side, and if you are off centre you may need to make more than two saves at once when entering the first row.

The traps will activate, and you will have to make two saves. But when they fire again, you will not have to make any more saves until you edge further forward. Keep on going, edging slowly up the stairs to the top.

If you are positioned correctly, you will never have to make more than two saves at one time, giving you the chance to heal through it as you go, if needed.

The same method works on the second flight of stairs provided you keep to the exact centre. There are guide lines on the second flight to help you see where that is.

One thing which gives you a little more margin for bad luck or error is an temporary HP buffer, which you can get from coccoon, aid, GH, rage, and a false life wand. Stacking another 180+ HP onto your total may improve your chances of surviving.

If anyone has improvements or a better method please post them here.