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You are lucky as a pig in ... his pen. Do you eat lots of lucky charms or something? Whats your secret? Horse shoes for breakfast?

I have rolled zero 9 and 10 cards on all servers.

Grats i guess. There are still folks on Wayfinder. I trade with one guy everyday. Worst comes to worst just give to a rando person and pass on that luck.

I am noticing fewer card posts as well. Population seems a bit lower this past few days. I know a few folks in my guild took a break for the new d3 expansion. That could be it. Or it could be weather, It is getting nicer here. peeps are more prone to go outside and suck up some rays after a long winter. Spring break and stuff coming up as well.
Yeah, almost the same here. My BF and I have been rolling with 2VIP 3Prem accounts, 8 servers since day one. Only rolled 1 rare total, a IX on Orien. And the guy I'm trading daily with said I'm the first person he knows who rolled a rare.