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    Default Found on the Lammania Release Notes for U21P1

    Hello everyone!

    I was browsing through the Lammania release notes earlier, seeing what has changed, and I found something that rather took me by surprise... Under "King's Forest", this was written:

    -> Former Neighbors now correctly gives two Commendations of Heroism on completion.

    I am assuming that you do not mean Commendations of Heroism, but instead Clerics? If so, can you please update the release notes to properly reflect that? Otherwise, it's likely to cause some confusion when the update goes live.
    If I am mistaken and this encounter truly is meant to drop Commendations of Heroism, then it looks like the King's Forest is about to get a lot more visitors.....
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    Sorry, this was a mistake in the notes. Should be Villagers of Eveningstar commendations. Will correct.
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