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    Default Help Needed (sorry, probably wrong forum)

    If this is the wrong forum, can I move it somehow?

    Anyway, on to the problem. My good friend had difficulties downloading U21. When we got a chance to chat in person, we determined that it was that Akalmai download thing. He has a dual-boot machine and he said the Windows side is completely trashed.

    After some more discussions and realizing that he probably can't fix this, I mentioned that Mac client. He wasn't aware of that so yesterday he went to download that. From what I can understand (we haven't chatted live yet), he kept being sent in circles by the Akalmai downloader and never was able to download.

    He is a full VIP (without access now for a couple of weeks sadly enough). any thoughts? I'll admit that I am fairly hardware illiterate, but told him I would inquire on the forums as folks generally seem darn helpful and knowledgeable!

    Thanks for any insights!

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    Moved to Mac Technical Assistance. Make sure your friend is aware of this workaround for the Mac client.
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    Default Thanks!

    Many thanks Cordovan!

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