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    Default Newb Reincarnation questions

    I've read the Wiki info, etc. But I'm still uncertain about reincarnation, here are my questions:
    When I reincarnate, do I keep the skills, feats, etc, from my past life or are those lost and I start from scratch (first life character)?

    What happens to my armor and weapons? Can I still use them even though they are all high level?

    What are the advantages of reincarnation and which should I choose?

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    If you are talking about True Reincarnation, you start over at level 1. This means you lose all feats, skills, enh, etc from your previous life. It also means that your equipment will be unavailable until you reach the apropriate minimum level to use them again. Your equipment is stored in a special bank space so you will retain all items you've acquired to-date.

    A first reincarnation will give you more ability points to spend at character creation. A second reincarnation will give you even more. Any reincarnations thereafter will not net you any more build points. What you gain is an automatic past life-feat that can stack up to three times (three reincarnations) depending on your primary class from your previous life. You also have the ability to select an active past-life feat with a normal feat slot as you level (again depending on your previous primary class).

    If you are doing a lesser reincarnation, you do not get any past life feats, you keep your favor and quest progressions, but can change out feats, skills, and ability points.

    I've never done an iconic TR, but my understanding is that you can only do this if you have an iconic character leveled up to 28. Upon use, you would begin with enough xp to reach level 15, otherwise it's the same as True Reincarnation.

    Epic Reincarnation allows you go gain epic past life feats (automatic). You use this at level 28 and you end up at level 20.
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