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    Default ITEMS i need ! ...some little View of what i can offer


    - Intricate Field Optics EH or EE with Insightful Int.+3
    - Goatskin Boots EH or EE with Str.+8
    - Skullduggery Kit EE with Repair,Dodge or +50HP
    - Golem's Heart Augment
    - Repair +15 Augment
    - 2x Meteoric Star Ruby


    - much PP if needed
    - many Astral Shards, depending on Itemvalue
    - many different Cards (NO IX or X) but many to craft 50% XP Potions or other nice stuff
    - Draconic Soulgem Augment
    - Meridian Fragment Augment
    - some new Haunting Halls Items
    - many other Epic Items, EH and EE

    Just ask me what u need, maybe i have it on a bankchar or i go and farm it for your

    Ingame mail or pm here

    Zangesh / Zindragh / Laladi - proud Leader of the guild Drachenzorn
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    Laladi (Lvl.28), Khopesh+Shield Pally - PDK 20 Pala
    (Heroic Completionist | 3x Colors of the Queen, 3x Doublestrike, 2x Enchant Weapon, 2x Power over Life and Death)
    Zindragh Zornbinder (Lvl.28), Shuricannon - Drow 20 Monk
    (1xPL Fighter, 3xPL Monk, 1xPL Rouge | 1x Colors of the Queen, 2x Doublestrike, 1x Doubleshot)
    Aibus (Lvl.28) Tank - Purple Dragon Knight 13 FvS / 6 Pala / 1 Fig
    (1xPL Monk, 3xPL Pala)

    - man nannte ihn Zangesh qui Clades -

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