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    Default Anyone experiencing ping request timeouts/packet loss?

    Last 48 hours ive been getting consistent and increasingly annoying request timeouts. Ive run a tracert to to try to pinpoint it, after exploring the possibility of it being my isp's problem(excluded). About 10 hops into a line of 12 hops, between and im getting 2 timeouts pretty regularly and its making my in game packet loss reach up to 32%. This makes the game unplayable. Since ive done my part by calling my ISP and having my end checked, modem/router/connections + outside line in to house + line pole to street, and street to node, i dont know the next step, id call tech support but i did research on previous issues involving cogentco and it looks like august 2013 massive issues and no one got reimbursed, just several days of angry customers. The 2 IP's im having issues @ are and or some variant im not sure if theyre static. Anyone experiencing this onset in the last 2 days please post.

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    I've noticed that, since Update 21, I've had increasingly bad lag, extra long loading screens, and disconnections, among other things. I never had any sort of disconnection issues prior to U21 and lag was at a minimum. Whatever they did, it must have messed up something, because it's starting to really get on my nerves.

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    Yea, noticed same thing since yesterdays "maintenance", constant stuttering, dced today.

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    OMG, yes!

    My issues are with, at least that is where things start for me. This one is always timing out and the start of the problems. Packet Loss. Packet Loss.

    The following IPs give random Packet Loss Spikes.

    Sent in a report already myself. My playtime is down a lot with the loss going on. Just can't/don't want to play when you rubberband every couple minutes due to loss spikes.

    Please, look into this! I want to play!

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    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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    And the best of best is: The lag and timeouts come with or without Akamai NetSession tool. Tested both settings, no difference.

    Happy lag feast.

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