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    Quote Originally Posted by Sokól View Post
    But soon Argo can see a sorc dual wielding hammers
    You know, my Sorc has 2 unopened CITW boxes...
    You're giving me more bad build ideas...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cetus View Post
    Exactly, this sheer ignorance of quality reminds me of the long awaited return of the tactics DC in our tooltips and our damage mod in our inventory panel. Really basic stuff that enables you to play your melee character at its most fundamental level, and its all missing.

    We're not asking for much here...
    Agreed. 100 times this.They really should do a complete overhaul of the character sheet to include everything of relevance.
    Heal Amp, Tactics, etc.

    And I for one would like to see a more detailed breakdown of stats. IE. Were each point of a stat is coming from.
    Something like this:
    +5 tomes
    +10 (Specific item)
    +3 (Specific item/augment)
    +1 (Specific item/augment)
    +-- (Spell)
    +-- (Spell)
    +-- (Specific enhancement)

    Anything that would lessen the amount of spreadsheets I have to use when planning a build and posting it on the forums.
    It would just be really nice to pull up your character sheet in game and have every bit of info your could possibly need right there.
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    Comment devs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cetus View Post
    Comment devs?
    good luck with that............

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