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    Default Update 21 Patch 1 Fist Look - Sentinel and Crusader Feedback

    Played with a max destiny, lvl 28 Drow Pa 6, Rogue 10, 4 FVS - Defensive Roll specced toon (aka. no fail reflex saves 100+) TWF Dex Shortsword

    Ran Snitch EH in Both US and Crusader


    Did not change that much in the sphere from what it would have been previously:

    Anoint Weapon no longer joined to Ward and Purify (WAI?)
    Light the Dark is the one shot heal I was looking for (was doing 750, with only spell power and no empower heal)
    Due to Light the Dark, I wanted more lay on hands abilities (ty paladin 6)

    The AP point glut at tier 5 is still too much, you want hardened 3, vitality 3 (tier 2 and 3 are bugged and missing right now), Ward 3, and Anoint Weapon = 11 AP, only get 8 for tier 5 and 6 (you end up dropping Ward, but it is much better for en, and eh content now, than it was)
    Vanguard heals 1000 hp, Light the Dark will easily heal that much with proper specs (aka. empower heal) and it is tier 4, and regenerates, so it means the epic moment is essentially 10000 temp hp, once per rest. aka. garbage
    Res SLA - Due to the AP glut from tier 5 abilities, scrolls will continue to be used, much easier to build for.

    Renewal, was next to useless... Light the Dark and Ameliorating Strike from the build was all I needed. Expect that is build dependent though.


    Seems to be built for any easy 24 points to spend... everything just fits in the spot it was intended... no real decision making required.
    Mobs definately died faster in this destiny.
    Strike Down - Awesome ability (not using smite evil counter, WAI? (labeled as a melee smite cleave but acts like melee cleave?))
    Zeal was about right, can only complain about a reusable clickie that gives you +50% dmg and +50% doublestrike so much - add +50% Offhand Doublestrike maybe

    Consecration - Casting time is short enough, it should be used - Had a hard time trying to see if it was active on the ground or not when cast, time would run out and it was hard to notice when
    Micro Managing Purification counters is too hard, so you kinda just hope they work.
    Turn Undead choices, still require vigor of battle stance from US

    Celestial Bombardment will get the Newb excited, but it still takes too long to activate (did not use quicken).


    I was hoping my twf on live would switch from sentinel to crusader (seems like a natural switch), but will be staying sentinel. It costs too much survivability in EE to go crusader. Primarily the self healing of light in the dark, and now the +20% hp.

    Any one else have similar a experience?
    Lunality, Sorcality, Tunality, Axation, Causation, Shurality, Desparality, Stingality and a few more...
    Behind every good melee there stands a row of 5 monkchers making the melee feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordTigerDawn View Post
    Renewal, was next to useless... Light the Dark and Ameliorating Strike from the build was all I needed.
    If Renewal is useless to Sentinel, they can always put it back in Angel. It wasn't clear why they needed to move it in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirValentine View Post
    If Renewal is useless to Sentinel, they can always put it back in Angel. It wasn't clear why they needed to move it in the first place.
    They simply decided to turn US into the tanking/healing ED, while EA is the casting ED. So putting renewal in US (and hopefully replacing it in EA by DC boosts) makes sense to me, since renewal is the best healing ability in the game atm.

    Personally, with the upcoming changes, I'll use US for raid healing, and EA for everything else. I'll kind of miss renewal for healing in quests, but it's a small price to pay if we get something like +2 or 3 dcs in EA imo.

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    If you're a pure fighter defender type then destiny points are a lil in short supply for Unyielding Sentinel, by the time you have taken all the abilities that you absolutely need to function as a tank and improve your damage a little so you have a slight chance of holding mobs attention then theres little to nothing left. But then that was the case for the defender enhancements, extremely heavy investment needed with every little left over for anything else.

    Renewal without empower healing, decent healing amp and good positive spellpower is fairly useless, but obviously for a cleric fairly easy to get good healing from it. (plus also my fighter was only ever getting 3 ticks of healing although the spell description states every 2 secs for 8 seconds which should be 4 ticks). Of course there are decent positive spellpower items available, but generally aimed at casters so do not really provide any additional benefits that would be of use to a fighter, you can of course swap in and out as necessary but still a pain.

    Light the dark seems to be better for healing for pure fighter but needs too much of an investment - total of 7 points out of only 24 - more than a quarter of your total investment, where someone with paladin levels uses 5. Obviously for a paladin/cleric with empower, heal skill investment etc it will provide a lot better.

    Overall think they need to look at this destiny further - either drop costs of some of the abilities, or reduce number of tiers of some abilities from 3 to 2 without dropping the overall benefits.

    Should really have a tanking destiny in the martial sphere, if only because a defender shouldn't have to go through two destinies just to get to the one they want to use. Preferably one with a somewhat different focus, and some element of healing amp/self healing. Preferably with just two stances - defence and dps with other abilities functioning differently depending on stance. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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    I don't get the complaints.
    Renewal when it was in EA and my cleric would cast on others, it would tick for ~ 250, 500 on crits on good amp.

    Just tested on my silly elf ranger with Emp Heal and some ~ 300 "sheet devotion number" and it ticks for 200 -230 non crit.
    Basically heal to full for 5 sp.

    Light the Dark is some high number like 1.8 k for some reason

    Sentinel is still ****** destiny to get anything done except maybe EE Wyrm and Fot for a tank but Renewal is amazing.

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