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    Default Thunder Forged Weapons - Thoughts on Options for Melee Weapons

    Seems like there is a choice to make regarding fire damage vs negative damage.

    What are people going with?
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    Personally I'm going for some CC control that you get with things like the Cleaver/Celestias.I'm working towards 2 sets (a defensive and offensive set)

    Dual wield
    1.blindness/1st degree burns (vulnerability)
    2.slow/35% armour piercing
    3. Action boost regeneration - really rare to be able to slot this. Fire damage and woo-woo effects also look tempting.

    Looking forward to 3bc, and at storm horns/wheloon/u21 I think fire damage is going to be pretty viable long term, and with the exception of the undead in the new raids negative energy shouldn't have any trouble either.
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    Im liking a fire fire negative Kopesh.

    T1. Touch of Flames: On Hit: 10 to 60 Fire Damage.
    T2. Dragon's Edge: Passive: Armor-Piercing 35%. On Crit: 33 to 105 Bleeding Damage.
    T3. Mortal Fear: On Hit: 8 to 64 Force Damage. In addition, 5% chance to cut non-boss foe's current health in half.

    Looks like great DPS and the Mortal Fear has a chance to do MASSIVE damage given end game mob HPs. Let alone double procs back to back.

    The Dragons Edge should stack with black dragon scale -15%AP for -50%AP total... nice...

    Now drop in a Ruby Eye of the Tempest for a 28D20 proc ...

    Question. Does the Dragons Edge AP count for both hands if 2WF? or do I need one in each hand?
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    Default Healing Weapon?

    I was thinking about crafting a weapon with the T2 Dragons Blessing (5% 100 HP AE Heal). How good is this do you think? With the healing amp you can attain in game I could easily see this self healing for 200+ a proc. Not bad, especially if your haste boosted and dual wielding. How much survivability would this add?

    T1. Touch of Flames
    T2. Dragons Blessing
    T3. Mortal Fear

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