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    Default Light Nuker Update 21 Patch 1 First Look

    I know the first things you want to see are the changes and the new bolt:

    Divine Wrath is now 40sp and 20sec cooldown but requires no buildup or rebuke foe prereq. Seems to do the same damage as before.
    Sun Bolt (12sp, 12sec cooldown) travels through enemies lined up, 5-8 light damage per level, reflex save of 10 + char level + best of Wis/Cha.
    Soundburst SLA (12sp, 15s cooldown). No great damage but 6s stun vs a fort save of (10 + char level + best of wis/cha).
    BUG: Soundburst SLA lists 3 tiers but you can only take 1. Not sure how it would improve if you could take 3/3.

    In testing the destiny.
    I like a new light SLA bolt that can hit a line of enemies. Not a bad casting cost. Not crazy damage but still good.
    Divine Wrath takes 5secs longer to cooldown but has no buildup required and CAN BE QUICKENED (4s cast to 1.5s)!
    A 6 sec CC SLA... maybe. Some pretty inflated fort saves out there.

    I was also testing the updated Boulder Toss. While the damage was near 1k. It didn't seem to damage every time. Lots of animations with no damage number shown - Testing on Dojo kobolds.

    I thought they'd pump Divine Wrath up to a minute cooldown or something else that would excise it to the table of unused. Without having to cast DP, searing light, etc to build up the casting there's a number of other build/"activity" options now for the light nuker. Plus quickened Divine Wrath and a new light SLA worth casting. I'd call it an amicable trade off. Won't really be able to test until raid situations but I'm prematurely... not mad.... for once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratch View Post
    BUG: Soundburst SLA lists 3 tiers but you can only take 1. Not sure how it would improve if you could take 3/3.
    Typically SLAs are 3 ranks, with each rank lowering both the cooldown and mana cost. However, Avenging Light only ever had one rank, so who knows.

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