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    Default Shuriken Thrower - EE The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Solo (standard)

    So i just started to solo EEs since January.
    I have never really bothered before as i never had a good enough build to do it, so, never felt ready. Until i built this Shuriken Thrower.

    I pretty much screwed my 1st attempt by getting stuck in the room with swirling blades. I had both crests but couldn't get the Strength based doors open. GIMP! *COUGH*
    I felt genuinely beaten and it was a good feeling. This quest is nasty, the traps and all... it was a nice experience to solo.

    A few days later, knowing where to go and what to do i attempted it for a 2nd time, and well:

    Here's a video:

    I heard of an Extended version featuring a giant and a white dragon or something. I figured it was one of the ways at the sides of the boss room... But then i got surprise ward barraged.
    I guess that is for another time.

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    Great job! Your name is whispered often in the halls of the dojo!
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