Our last teaching raid Abbot was awesome! CLICK HERE to read about it!

The next event in our series will be a double feature in Gianthold: The Reaver's Fate and The Fall of Truth on Saturday, March 22 at 8pm EST!

This event is for players newer to the raiding scene or players that are looking to learn raids better. First timers welcome! Dbags not welcome. Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions.

The goal is to welcome newer players into the raiding scene, to teach people how raids work, to get players more comfortable with raids, and to enhance the Sarlona community.

If you are new to Reaver's and FOT, You will need to flag for each and have access to the Ruins of Gianthold adventure pack.

To flag for Reaver's, first talk to Cydonie in the Marketplace near the bank. Then use the farshifter next to her to go to Gianthold and talk to Cydonie again in Gianthold. Then you need to run the following quests: Cabal for One, Madstone Crater and Prison of the Planes. Once you have completed these quests, talk to Crag and Cydonie and you will then be able to run the pre-raid Gianthold Tor. Note that it is no longer necessary to turn in relics or kill the dragons in Tor. After completing and turning in Tor, you can pick up the raid from Agon Uruhund next to the raid entrance.

To flag for FOT, first talk with Draznok and follow the story arc to the npc's that grant the first 3 flagging quests: Return to Cabal for One, Return to Madstone Crater and Return to Prison of the Planes. After completing the "return to" quests, Draznok will grant Return to Gianthold Tor. After turning in tor, Talk to the stormreaver at the base of the ramp to pick up the raid. Note that it is not necessary to kill the dragons in Tor to flag for the raid.

If you would like to reserve a space in this Saturday's Reaver's and FOT, please contact me in game on Gingerspyce.

Thanks for all the support and special thanks to DDOCast and DDO Chronicle for mentioning our events. We hope to see you in raids soon!

Gingerspyce and The High Lords of Malkier