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    The short answer is that power lies in crit range and to a lesser extent crit multipliers. Pally gets these, but only on activated abilities. Other classes get them all the time. Pally can't compare. Rogue, Monk, fighter, even barb and bard all have permanent or semipermanent crit range or multiplier boosts built into their trees and pallys do not.

    As a suggestion, pallys could get +1 crit range with bastard swords (and shields too, why not) at tier 5 defender and +1 crit range and multipler with longswords at tier 5 Knight of the Chalice and we might have some meat to start building around.

    My opinion is that every melee class needs a crit range or multiplier boost built in somewhere, even if it's just on niche weapons, to stay competitive.
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    Well, being as I've tried it, even the HoTD's strongest anti-undead trick (level 18 core ability, the super-ish disruption) doesn't truely make up for the lower base damage, and for the amount of defenses sacrificed in order to be 18 paladin with the HoTD lvl 18 core. (By defenses, I'm referring to the amount of PRR and AC and Positive spellpower the paladin could have from more investment in the Defender tree, with a good shield.)

    The problem is that it's completely reliant on vorpal strikes. Sometimes it gets streaky, and you tear through a mob like it wasn't even there. Other times, it takes ages to make the kill.

    And the poor HoTD gets to cry salty, salty tears when Helmed Horrors or elementals or wizards or kobolds rear their heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Certon View Post
    Wizards still have a good spell to use in Haunted Halls: Undeath to Death. It's a circle of death for undead creatures
    A properly built Draconic
    Incarnation Sorcerer will certainly rule in there. Energy Burst or Dragon breath will do.
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