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    Default Shadar-kai core enhancements cost

    I noticed that shadar-kai core enhancements do not share same AP cost as all other races. Shadar-kai core enhancements cost 9AP while other races cost is 7AP.
    Make same split in cost like other races so 1AP 2AP 1AP 2AP 1AP. Follow the patterns you choose. If we look at usefullnes of shadar-kai core enhancements it shoudl looks like this 1AP 2AP 0AP 2AP 2AP - summary 7 like other races . Shadow Phase an Shadow Jaunt share same cooldowns so in my opinion Shadow Phase is useless because blocks me from Shadow Juant usage which is great escape move when injured or to avoid boss special attack eg. medusa sight. Make separate cooldowns for Shadow Phase and Shadow Judge or lower the AP cost or both - best solution

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    Shadow Phase makes you invisible for six seconds. I find this very handy on a rogue sneaking around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegreatneil View Post
    Shadow Phase makes you invisible for six seconds. I find this very handy on a rogue sneaking around.
    With a long cool-down, right?

    My rogue gets over a minute of Invis from UMDing scrolls bought in the marketplace. No AP cost, although Skill Focus feat in UMD is tempting to have.
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