I have a fair amount of decent throwing weapons saved just because I could never part with them. The good old dwarven thrower, chill shard. various dr breakers, feeding dagger and metalline hammers.

So I saw a rogue almost doubling the kill count of most in our group in EE Demonweb, not as an assassin, but as a dagger thrower. Here I was on my Monkcher (off destiny tho and only 2nd life....excuses excuses) not taking down the top prize.

I wish I had paid more attention to his split and asked more, but we were moving pretty fast paced through them and I was just enjoying the speed.

In any case I now have some questions about a build I previously thought couldn't compete.

1) Throwing Stars or other? Which is the best for a build for damage output? I have seen a couple Shuriken builds out there, but I'm pretty sure this guy didn't have a yellow bar. Can some builds keep up with 10k stars without burst output?

2) Would love to see a few builds, shuriken or other. I have 1 free character slot right now and an inventory full of stuff to throw.