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    Default Halfling Rogue/Paladin dex staff wielder. What levels of each?

    Well after playing several Halfling rangers, and not quite loving them, I made a dex based Halfling rogue starter. I put Dex at 20 and Char at 16 for the start. No str.

    So I went to Rogue three to get dex to damage on staffs, and have my first level of Paladin, heading for my second and the charisma added to saving rolls.

    After playing him this far, I love the staff fighting. I realize, for most times, I do very little sneaking and have little patience for it. So I will concentrate on staff attacks. So that being said, knowing I will be more of a rush in where angels fear to tread approach, am I better taking at least 10 and maybe 13 levels of rogue for Imp Evasion and possible a second special, or is Imp Evasion not as good as the Pally spells and added Paladin abilities. The latter would be more of an Evasion Palidin build, which I read about, but none seem to be dex based, probably for good reason.

    As additional information, I went down the undead killer line, as for flavor, I always play something that has that as his mission, as a bonus, there are plenty of them to fight. I'm in the Catacombs now.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Hello slayerkdm,

    I think the biggest thing, looking over this, that most people would probably scream at you about it the fact that you went Dex based, while having a decent cha score and putting points into Knight of Chalice. One of the best enhancements you can get in that tree includes Divine Might, which as per description: "You gain an Insight bonus to Strength equal to your Charisma modifier for 30/60/120 seconds. (Cooldown 20 seconds)" While Dex seems cool, and can really heighten your reflex saves, by the time you have 2 pali for cha to saves anyways, you're probably doing good. And there is a significant amount of Str based buffs that you'll be missing out on, one of these of course is Divine Might.

    Plus, being a halfling.. and no strength, the low levels will kill you with enfeeblement/poison/ect, making you 'helpless' all the time. :/ Even most casters will give themselves a little bit of Str to prevent such things till they can get an str item that will boost it high enough.

    Those are my immediate thoughts.

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