Our guild Runners Who like DDO is recruiting for laid back people who just enjoy the game. We are lv41 and most of us only play a few hours a week, mostly on weekends. We are family oriented and just like to experience the fun of the game, so we run whatever quests we have access to. If you are looking for a guild with no duties or requirements and just like playing the game a few hours a week then this is for you Contact Jobus, Rachaela, Kibao, Amataei, or Kejako if interested. We have toons at various levels and like to group up. Mine are 22, 18, 14, and 6 currently. We have several under lv10 currently and a group of toons from 13-16. Most of us are working on our first toon in the game! I've TRed once on another server and I have toons spread out over several and I am happy to help anyone with questions about the game. We don't zerg through quests but take our time and enjoy the work turbine put into them.