Lag in Fire on Thunder Peak was unbearable tonight. We shortmanned on normal, all guild group. There was no lag in the actual raid until we completed the quest, and as the XP got awarded, we were all frozen in place with the remaining trash mobs. Lag killed the entire raid group. Our FvS recalled, chose to use a bypass timer to get back in, and rezzed us all, we killed the mobs, so we got our chest, but I've got some commentary on the whole thing.

Why is there no rez shrine at the end once it's complete? I mean, if it would have been our fault, I wouldn't be so frustrated, but to sit there and watch the whole raid die, not being able to move or cast while the chest is just sitting there is really obnoxious. Please look into the lag and into the possibility of putting a rez shrine near the chest once the quest is completed. This made the entire experience really unfun.