Theres a conflict with the mouse lock view and the free mouse style, when you open a window, call it npc chat, bank, mail, etc etc.
I use the mouse view, and switch the view pressing the left mouse button to interact, and when the windows open some times the mouse icon dont appear, and the view remains in mouse view. This usually can be fixed pressing the T key, or running away from the intereact subject, like for example mail, bank, deconstruct box.

I been suffering this problem several times, but the other day was imposible to play, i was trying to modify a lfm, when the mesage apear asking me to confirm for Yes or No, I for mistake press the T key, so the view switch to mouse view and the mouse icon disapear, and never apears again.
I can move, run, jump, but i can do nothing more, everywhere i go the lfm windows follows me. I cant close it, i cant enter a quest, i cant quit the game. I was forced to alt+tab to minimize the game and force to close it.
I reported a bug, but yesterday happens again, pressing the right mouse button