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Thread: mouse view lock

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    the bug was submited, its only a matter of time right? or i have to add luck too =P

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    Yes, this is an annoying, near-gamebreaking issue for me. If this happens, only way is to force shut down the game via task manager/Alt+F4.

    I think the easy solution would be to allow keyboard interaction with the yes/no window (e.g. press ESC to close it).

    Quote Originally Posted by SilkofDrasnia View Post
    The problem is you need to unlock the camera before you get to the "yes or no".. If you are going to use the lfm or any other panels other than ship buffing or the guild portal you unlock first.

    Like I said, if you want to use the lfm panel hit "o" to open it and then hit "T" to unlock the cam and you wont have any problems once you get to the yes or no windows etc etc.

    There's no need to hold down the right mouse button. You guys basically found a way to glitch it so stop using the glitchy method?
    The problem is that the game switches you to cursor mode automatically any time you open a window in mouselook mode. Every time, except the above-mentioned yes/no window, which glitches the whole thing.

    If you hit T while a window is open, I believe you actually put yourself back into mouselook mode.

    It's a problem because I/others run in mouselook mode all/most of the time, and this bug is reproduced by using the mouse functions normally as you would in mouselook. I rarely/never switch views permanently, but rather hold down RMB to change temporarily. So if, say, you're in a hurry on your way to a quest and want to change/close your LFM quickly, you're more likely than not to reproduce this bug.
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