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    Quote Originally Posted by yk49 View Post
    what exactly was the bug you guys talking about? (I saw your/your guildie's youtube video).
    im very concerned, i wanna put notice on the wiki asap and there will be no GM help in my playtime.
    There's a detailed breakdown here

    we had problems in mirrors with bugged or "dead" mirrors. - a refresh of the beam fixed this
    we ran into trouble in the bone guardian room with the stuck skeleton i described. cycling skeleton spawns eventually fixed this
    the end boss vanished on us in this run, and was respawned by a gm (which made it invulnerable to shard ritual that is supposed to prevent it from rising again...)
    the end boss also bugs out in one of the corners (i forget which, will try and confirm)as happened to Aliclan and us during a run on Llama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddmatt70 View Post
    Shrug, how about I just do not you respect your crew compared to some of the crews of the past. Those guys that beat the abbot or the Titan or stuff. Now those guys were hardcore. DDO has been lacking from a crew standpoint for the last few years.
    Well, here's a quote from one of those hardcore players:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonofmoradin View Post
    I would have to suggest that people that have not tried this on EE hold no right of opinion. I am pretty sure this raid will be on the lines of a new type of raid where EE is out of the question for any pug group guild or static group that does not have the best of dedication preseverance and patience.

    Basically it is a raid that only the top of the top will be able to complete on EE until ddo eventually goes offline. I have never seen such a raid since ddo was launched in 2006.
    Can we call the new raid hardcore then?

    Fair enough the raid on live as of now is not comparable to lamma. 5x harder at least I'd say.
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