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    Default pando media booster warning

    I thought I'd repost this here, for people that don't look at other forum sections anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drwaz99 View Post
    (Hopefully not posted somewhere else here, I didn't see another post)

    According to this:

    Pando Media Booster was used by Turbine in DDO and LOTRO downloads/installation and is no longer in existence. But if you previously had it installed DDO (before Aug 2013 roughly), Pando is popping up as having an update and this update contains the Sweet Page browser hijacker virus. If nothing else, it's a good reminder to uninstall it just in case.
    For those that don't know...

    Pando was something that Turbine stealth installed as part of game updates. It was basically a single tasked torrent type file sharing application. They (pando) closed up their doors last year some time, and it looks like someone has hijacked their software. If pando asks for an update, DO NOT UPDATE IT! Uninstall that program as soon as possible.
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    Just goes to show what a lot of us were raging about ever since Turbine started using it. Pando is trash. There's a lot of reasons DDO is no longer even on my comp, but it started with the fact that when my old PC died, I had no way to get the high res version w/o installing a stealth system that even when uninstalled leaves ghostware. ****** decision Turbine.
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    I'll tell you if you take care of your own curses.


    I uninstalled it, thanks.

    And hi Bandy!
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    Thank you for this reminder!
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