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    Default sound does not mute on minimized

    never mind sorry.
    figured it out. there is a setting.. its jsut called somethign weird: Focus loss behavior. go figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSFWEl View Post
    I built myself a new rig (for the hopefully forthcoming SC) and DDO is benefiting too. Kinda cool on ultra high settings. Not a HUGE difference, but noticeable.
    I seem to remember that on my old system, when I minimize the game, the sound mutes. On my new rig, it does not.

    Am I crazy?
    I don't know exactly where, and can't check atm, but I think there is an option somewhere related to sounds when the game is minimized.

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    There's a checkbox under audio options for what to do with sound once the window loses focus..

    I'm not at home so I don't recall exactly what it's called, but that is what you're looking for.
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