I have just recently returned to DDO after leaving briefly after MOTU was released and I am looking to update my characters to better perform in the game as it is today. Unfortunately, I've never been the most serious of players; I have reached level 20 before and even True Reincarnated twice, but my characters are typically poorly geared and I still have a lot to learn. With this in mind, the first character that I wanted to have a go at updating is one of my two True Reincarnated characters, my currently level 15 Half-Elf Paladin/Monk, with a +0 Lesser Heart of Wood and I hope that the helpful members of the forum can assist me with this.

The original goal was to ease my way into the world of playing a melee character by choosing a class combination which, although severely lacking in damage output compared to its competitors, could survive just about anything. I decided to create an 18 Paladin/2 Monk which dual-wielded scimitars to this end, reasoning that the high saves and self-healing ability combined with additional feats and evasion made it the perfect choice for what I was going for. My thinking behind making the character a Half-Elf was more of a personal choice. Although I had considered a lot of different Paladin options, I had always liked the idea of playing a melee character that dual-wields, and I have also always preferred the scimitar to every other one-handed weapon. I was willing to sacrifice the extra feat and superior healing amplification from being a Human for this flavor.

I have never been a fan of multiclassing despite the many significant advantages it provides when done properly. I am, and most likely always will be, most comfortable playing pure characters; in fact, simply adding the two levels of Monk to this build made me very uncomfortable, and this is the only multiclassed character I have ever kept. I understand completely that there are more effective level distributions out there than what I will be asking for, but I ask that you please respect that I would like something less viable than you might like. By all means, list the other suggestions too, but hopefully you can help me address specifically what I'm looking for.

I'm very sorry to go into all of this depth over a simple Lesser Reincarnation, but I wanted to explain to everyone where I'm coming from so you can get a good idea what I'm looking for. Additionally, this new enhancement system is still very new to me, so I don't want to take any chances.

Goals of this Lesser Reincarnation:

I want to keep the idea of dual-wielding scimitars, as opposed to simply using a two-handed weapon, if at all possible. At the same time, I do not want to make huge sacrifices for damage at the cost of survivability, which as I previously mentioned is the main purpose of this build. I also do not want anything heavily gear-dependent, as I am absolutely awful at procuring gear most of the time. If at all possible, a high healing amplification would be fantastic, but I do not know if that's still an important factor in the game as it is today. This character would almost definitely be limited to Epic Hard since I'm going to be getting reused to the game for a while.

What we have to work with:

I am looking to end this life with 18 Paladin/2 Monk, and as such I would appreciate it if most suggestions are geared towards this. However, I am also contemplating a 16 Paladin/2 Monk/2 Fighter, but for all I know the Fighter levels would come too late to be of much use and I would only want to do this if an 18/2 split would not work out well. It will have to remain a Half-Elf, and is a 34 point build with a +2 tome having been used in every stat.

What I need the most help with:

Wow. A lot of things, basically. This new enhancement system presents so many different options, I'm not sure what to concentrate on. I also have a feeling that my idea of staple feats and stat distribution is completely outdated as well, so any suggestions there would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry to throw all of this information at you over a simple Lesser Reincarnation, but I am in the dangerous situation of having a vision for what I want my character to do and no idea whatsoever how to accomplish it.