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    Default Looking for Rogue Items and Misc Trade List

    Hey all I'm currently looking for an:
    EH/EE Twisting Shade Bracers
    EH/EE +3/+8 INT Optics

    Currently have:
    EE Forgotten Craft Gaunts
    EE Magistrates Sceptre
    EE Shield of Morning
    Eh Shamanic Fetish
    Wis +8 Planar Focus of Subterfuge
    +8Thaumaturgy Quarterstaff of Enchantment Focus(24Implement to Universal SP, +4Enchantment DCs, 120Recon, 120Glaciation, 80Pot) ML25
    +5Holy IV of Ghostbane V Warhammer ML25
    +9Devotion Scepter of Healing Lore(126Devotion, 18%Healing Crit Chance, 27Universal) ML26 *NEW*
    +8Impule Scepter of Kinetic Lore(120Force, 18% Force/Phys/Untyped Crit, 24Univeral) ML25 *NEW*
    Clever +8 Necklace of the Archmagi w/ Green Slot ML28
    Charismatic +8 Necklace of Eloquence +15 w/ Green Slot ML27
    Charisma +7 of Haggle +15 Ring W/ Green Slot ML26
    Con +8 of Dodge +8 Ring ML25
    Drow Rapier--Shatter *NEW*

    2 or 3 Vorpal Throwing Axes
    Scales of all colors
    Maybe some other things I'm forgetting

    Am willing to combine items if need be. Will also entertain other offers for something I'm not directly looking for if theres something you want.

    Post here or PM with prices/items you might want to trade.
    TP Offers Prices will be ignored

    May be online as well--Magistre, Sevecia, Lucarren, Shadowvaille

    Edit: Wound up looting EE Backstabbers so no longer want the nether grasps
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