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    Default Epic destinies Unbalanced: Need few changes

    Fury and Master blitz are unbalanced, same as shiradi casters (sorc, wiz and fvs )

    Epic destinies need some important balancing to make them worth playing. Currently, there is much advantage on Legendary dreadnought and fury of the wild, compared with other destinies (I'm not going to talk about draconic or magister) and also shiradi is overpowered for casters (not for ranged weapon users). More specific, is the epic moments and high tier abilities like master blitz, adrenaline overload and unbridled fury (working with manyshot and ten k stars) that unbalance the game.

    Destinies like Unyielding Sentinel and Primal avatar seem very underpowered compared with others (with useless epic moments), Fatesinger a bit less but still underpowered and Grandmaster of flowers, shadowdancer and shiradi(for ranged weapons) seems the only ones more or less balanced.

    First, is ilogic that to charge Master blitz you can hit the air. I understand that 50 uses of tactical abilities is too much, but they at least can change it to 25-30 tactical abilities USED ON ENEMIES AND NOT AIR.

    Adrenaline should only work with 1 arrow or bolt per attack but instead can work with 2, 3 or 4 arrows/per attack when manyshot, ten k stars (dunno about repeaters), but also, not happy with that, they can also make adrenaline much stronger with slayer arrow and sniper shot, sniper shot with only 6 sec cooldown. But wait, there is more, Fury epic moment every 5 min for Furyshot ( 4 adrenaline overloads every 3 sec = ~40-70k dmg on 20 sec FROM RANGED!!!)

    Shiradi is fine for repeaters, shurikens and for bows too considering they can use pin and ottos better than repeaters, (less boss dps than LD or FURY but that's ok since have ranged advantage) But For casters is Overpowered (especially sorcerer and wizard with low cost missiles), more now that they can splash with fvs for almost unlimited sp and now have ruin and hellball for burst dps.

    Primal avatar epic moment was overpowered, avatar of nature every 15-30 sec but instead of making that useful, for example with the same dps but a cooldown of 3-4 min, they made it completely useless now, making that destiny useless and still gimped for druids casters.

    Gmof is just fine for tactical wis monks but of course no comparison with LD or fury on boss dps.

    Shadowdancer similar as Gmof to monks, just fine for assasins but nothing more.

    Other destinies as fatesinger or sentinel no even have a decent epic moment plus not good dps abilities.

    So in conclusion, master blitz charging and Fury of the wild abilities as adrenaline + unbridled fury need a balanced change, especially Fury with weapons that can throw multiple shots at a time, balancing better that 2 epic destinies will give much better credibility and versality at epic levels. Sentinel destiny needs a good, usable epic moment, the same for fatesinger and primal avatar.

    For last, Shiradi needs a rework for casters to have a similar power to repeaters, bow and other ranged weapons users, still being a bit more bursty dps but also with finite dps. (not 2-3 times better dps and almost infinite like currently happens)

    Just my opinion after playing diferent toons on epics.

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    Indeed, damage in US should be buffed as the smites you get from it should be able to help, problem is without Exalted Smite it is not going to help much (should be changed to US giving exalted smite instead of old smites). And Confront any Foe should do 100 light damage and on critical does holy surge damage and on Vorpal target should take 10d100 light damage. Would not require a specific weapon but requires turn undead charges instead.
    This is why dps suffers in US in ways that dps should not suffer in US.

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    Also, because turn undead charges fuel Confront any Foe, undead foes under 1,000 hp should be instakilled like turn undead only without any dcs to stop the instantkilling of the undead like many other insert epic destiny here skills, as a lot of other epic destinies get something similar.

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    Default Agreement

    I have to agree with most of the OPs opinions.

    The worst culprit for me, playing various characters through epic levels, is grouping with a shiradi "missile-spam" type in quests. While their approach is admittedly effective, it makes quests very boring for me. Invariably, the mobs
    are all paralyzed and quickly laid to waste - the shiradi caster is probably bored to tears as well spamming the same tired sla's and low sp missiles - with no strategy other than inundation, all the time. No spell penetration necessary,
    no attention to DCs or vulnerabilities.. just spam spam spamming of magic missiles.

    How is that rewarding gameplay?

    If anything, there should be a vast reworking of the shiradi tree - most of the stat damage coming from prism stance, for instance, is useless in epics, and the no-save nerve paralysis that works on -every- type of monster out there
    is grossly overpowered. Or maybe give nerve venom a DC based off of a certain stat - along with a spell penetration check, since it is a non-damaging magic effect.

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