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    Default Needing a Challenge farmer build

    i am hoping to get some suggestions for a strong challenge farmer, L16 or so. i have 3-4 toons in the range that i can LR, but not wanting to level to 20 to TR into something more optimal.

    characters to consider LRing into anything
    L16 HOrc Barb THF GAxe and 2H swords
    L15 WF Wiz
    L13 Dwarf Fighter TWF DAxes
    L12 Human Ranger 11/Rog 1 TWF Khopeshes

    I have seen EllisDee's L16 pure monk build, so obviously my L12 human can fit that, but being the lowest level means i'll have to level that one some more first. he also has the least BtC gear, though none of them have much to flesh out Ellis' suggested gear for the build.

    I am 100x stronger as a melee that can self heal than a caster that relies on SP to kill.
    any links or suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

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    The human ranger I think would be your best bet if you want to play melee. A key to solo challenge farming is DD to respond to "Incoming!" messages so unless a caster or bard you'll want the mark of passage.

    Lose the rogue level and splash some FvS or Cleric for amoriating Strike. Or go 12 FvS / Cleric for heal, splash 2mnk for feats, and 2 pal for saves or 2 fighter for more feats and haste boost. You wont have the run speed of Ellie's monk but should do fine.

    Alternative is to change the horc into a bard. Self healing, haste, displacement and DD should cover all the bases. Keep a few barb levels for the movement speed boost, or grab some rogue for evasion.
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    Most effective Challenge Farmer I can think of:

    Able to do any challenge at any difficulty solo.

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    I'm using a PDK Bard 10 Fighter 4 Barbarian 1 build.

    Lots of run speed and attack speed boosts. Using THF. Casts heals/buffs in medium armor and can DD. Working great so far.

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