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    Temple of Elemental Evil
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    Default Favorite Mod of all time?

    Gotta say Ravenloft as well. Always been a horror fan, and even though the series ripped off cinematic horror classics, there was just such a mood about playing these. Many years later a GM used the Castle Ravenloft for a series of adventures, and our team liberated the castle from its curse and actually made it our own barony.

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    Default Favorite Classic PnP Module

    None. I do not recall ever playing a module - we always ran "homebrew" stuff (as far as I can remember, anyway). And we had the best DM/dungeon creator around. Oh, sure - you may *think* yours was better, but you'd be wrong. (And no, it was not/is not me.)

    Guess you'll just have to trust me on that.
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    Default The Keep on the Borderlands

    Believe it or not, my favorite was the one that came in the boxed set. This module got me hooked.

    The Keep on the Borderlands

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    Tomb of Horrors, hands down. Yea, zerg THAT one
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    Healingonly (melee FvS, TR), Groggor (DPS barb), Nimrud (caster, TR), Yayamee (DPS/stun monk, TR), Tadko (evasion tank, TR), Piersi (TWF DPS), Feneya (monkcher), Zornix (druid now, arti someday) and many others (across all servers)

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    Default My Favorite...


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    I played very few modules because most of them did not got a translation on Brazil, and back in the days we didn't had the internet as widespread as today.

    So, I have found memories of Sunless Citatel, the first official module I DMed. Three times, to different groups. It have a special place in my heart, even knowing that it was not a good module story-wise, or even game-wise. But that is how nostalgia works.
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    A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity
    Annikka (Sorc), Dannikka (F), Jannikka (Rgr)
    Tamikka (Bard), Famikka (Rgr)
    Bellynda (Cl), Mellynda (M)

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    Ravenloft. Remember playing a insane thief who died being swallowed by a dragon. He would not let go of the sword he found, finders keepers and all that.

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    We were into The Savage Frontier. We eventually had a small pig farm south of the mining city of Miribar at the foot of the great spine, a place to hang out and plan our next raidor crawl. That area had everything, such a variety of landscapes peppered with great cities and vast open wilderness, a great ocean that gives access to the Moonshae Ilses and the mysterious elves to the west. To the north, The Spine of the World mountain range and the icy lands beyond, not to mention the desert lands to the east...such a diverse and large area, we spent years there, both above and below ground(underdark was scary!). Never did get a chance to ventilate Drizzt though ;-) Shout out to Thay and the Red Wizards as well as well. One day I will exact my revenge on them.

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    My all time favorite would have to be The Ruins of Myth Drannor

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    Default I've never played PNP -- I hope this doesn't disqualify me for the Points!

    I've never played PNP -- I hope this doesn't disqualify me for the Points! Sign this!!!:

    DDO toll free support phone#: 855-WBGAMES (855-924-2637)

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    Default Favourite D&D module eh?

    I am really torn, There have been some truly awesome ones, each with their own bonuses and drawbacks...

    Tomb of Horrors for that insane Sphere of Annihilation, Gauntlet of insane traps, Monster standing around corners, and who can forget you finally make it all the way and Bam.. Roll for initiative... Oh wait, Save vs. Death, and again, and again... (at this point you yell for Cthulhu to come get you now).

    But since much like Highlander... There can be only one... So my fav of all time...

    Temple of Elemental Evil.

    The bane of my existence... (Raises his fist and shouts in the famous words of Captain Kirk... Zuggtmoy!!!!!!!!!!)
    Who couldn't love battling the Queen of the Fungi (DM at this point was not a fun guy), jokes popping up like... "How deep is it?" or "Are we there yet papa smurf?" Summer was fun that year when the spine of that adventure was first cracked.

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    Default I have never played Temple of Elemental Evil

    The Speaker in Dreams

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    Default Way too many but here is my top 25

    1. Ravenloft
    2. Ravenloft II: House on Gryphon Hil
    3. In Search of the Unknown
    4. Keep on the Borderlands
    5. Palace of the Silver Princess
    6. Isle of Dread
    7. Vecna Lives!
    8. Slave Pits of the Undercity
    9. Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords
    10. In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
    11. Scourge of the Slave Lords
    12. Descent Into the Depths of the Earth
    13. Shrine of the Kuo-Toa
    14. Vault of the Drow
    15. Queen of the Demonweb Pits
    16. Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
    17. Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jar
    18. Hall of the Fire Giant King
    19. Tomb of Horrors
    20. White Plume Mountain
    21. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
    22. Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
    23. Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
    24. Ghost Tower of Invernes
    25. Village of Hommlet

    Note that I did not include supermoduals, just stand alone moduals. If i had, the list would have definitly included Temple of Elemental Evil. And probably a lot more than 25,, lol. I also included only 1st Ed. moduals,, if I were to include 2nd Ed,, it would have included a large majority of the Ravenloft moduals. Especialy Thoughts of Darkness

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    I liked Against the Giants. But my favorite of all time, and I think the best, was the Desert of Desolation (I3-I5). Awesome mood/backstory, very flavorful and distinct in feel from other things out there. Pretty tricky too. Tracy Hickman and coauthors get much appreciation from me for it.

    Still have memories of my brother's friend sneaking the module up his shirt and taking it to the bathroom so he could cheat and figure out how to make the staff work.
    Bartylomaos and Fwelcyr, of Orien's Forever Knights
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    The red basic D&D box had me at hello.
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    Default this

    cities of bone
    arabian adventures
    assassin mountain
    oriental adventures

    Darksun -
    namely for my fav character of all time githzerai psionists monk
    Quote Originally Posted by Glin View Post
    Now that I explained that, this thread is less interesting, please continue talking about ghostbane instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leclaire1 View Post
    Harbinger House, because their is nothing better than a Jack the Ripper style murder mystery set in Sigil, oriented around a planar asylum run by a Succubus.
    Congratulations, you are this week's Chronicle Comment winner! PM incoming with a code.
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