Hi All,

I can't seem to log on anymore - with one specific main toon.

I ran von 5/6 no issues with my toon "Jumiyo". I logged off to have dinner. Came back an hour later and reclogged in - all was fine. Joined a Von 3 LFM ... entered pre-quest and upon entering the actual quest --- stuck in loading (as all the other party members got in). I then disconnected.

Tried to relog on since then for 20+ times. Does not work anymore.... I can login into DDO, select the character I wish to play (Jumiyo) - on Cannith. Then iafter selection character I am stuck on the "Welcome to Eberron" screen with an empty load bar for a few mins - and then I am thrown out.

The STRANGE thing is .. if I select any other toons (alts) .. they are able to load successfully. I have tried entering the game with one of the other toons, then log off, and then select JUMIYO toon (main) and then error occurs again.

I know this is not a PC or my network as a result. Thisi is a really strange bug. SO... I can play DDO...just not my main TOON that is a multi TR and tons of time (3 years + ) invested in it... *very sad*