My guild named, "The Exodus" Level 45 has 6 regular, lvl 28 members for a year (We started out as 3 members few yrs ago). We are Paladin (me as 1/shield tank), Wizard, Archer, Cleric, Artificer and Monk. We all are well-oiled, party-based team for EE contents that we play almost every Friday EST nights. But problem is that we finished most or all group-based contents and want to change our regular Friday night group runs to raid runs... We cannot handle epic raids ourselves unless we start one for PURs that we don't like at all..

So, that's where this offer for the long-term alliance comes in. I hope to see another small-sized casual guild (~6 active, epic-level members more or less..) that can get together every Fridays or Saturdays (sometimes depends on situation) for raids.

There will be more epic-level raids coming to DDO especially this coming update and we want to experience that with the other allied guild to explore new contents for first time to learn new things together via trials and errors. We can agree on loots for the betterment of BOTH guilds to strengthen all of us combined to handle harder raids down the road.. PUR has no patience and they only care about themselves.

Many thanks for reading. I look forward to hear anyone from small-sized guild for possible partnership!

Nocifer Deathblade
Leader of The Exodus