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    Exclamation 28 point Human Barb - No real tomes or gear

    Hey, all. You may remember me, you may not. I was kind of a noob, so sorry about that.
    Anyway, after a long while away, I'm back. So is an old friend of mine. He's running a level 18 human barb ATM. As far as tomes go, I think he has +2 str/con.
    He likes Barbarians but I know they have changed a lot since Shadowfell launched. He has his +20 LR but I have a feeling he'll still want the same basic character: human barb with high HP, big crits and a greataxe. He has Cleaver from the raider's reward box but that's about it as far as gear goes. If you could help me, I'd very much appreciate it.

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    The basics of playing a pure THF barb haven't changed much: max STR, Power Atk/Cleave/GC/IC:Slash (or Blunt if he prefers mauls)/Overwhelming Crit, the THF chain, maybe a tactics feat or two if he can afford it.

    The real question is whether he should stay pure or multiclass. Most folks are underwhelmed by the barb capstones compared to what can be accomplished by splashing: e.g., ftr splash for extra feat, Haste Boost, and Extra Action Boost (stacks w/barb EAB); cleric or FvS for Divine Might (which is now an insightful STR bonus based on CHA mod); etc. Although every once in a while, you find a clever pure barb build, so they're not dead yet.

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