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I know just enough to get myself into trouble. For some reason, I just can't make this work. I think this thing is not finding my DDO directory properly, but I'm not sure because the black command box window that pops up goes away too fast to read. Someone mentioned a window that asked what directory to choose, but I never saw anything like that. Can one of you please give us the "for dummies" version of how to set this up from start to finish? Maybe I'm clicking on the wrong thing to try to open this up or putting it in the wrong directory or something.
I had the same issue, and was able to get it to work. I think I understand where the confusion is coming from.

The problem I see is that the distribution of v1.1 includes a ddo-ml.ini file, which inside has a statement "firstlaunch=0"

So upon running for the first time, you will not get the window prompts asking for the path to DDO and the server, and the game will not launch because the path setting is not configured.

And so the workaround for me was to close the ddo-ml program (via the system tray) and just rename or delete the ddo-ml.ini file. Upon the next launch, it will assume first time launch, prompt you via window for path to DDO program files, and server name. Then the gui window with your configurations will appear. A new ddo-ml.ini file will be created for you.

Atomic, if I can suggest, maybe removing the ddo-ml.ini file from the 1.1 distribution will eliminate some confusion for those who download in the future.

And thank you very much for this, very fast and handy tool


PS: If you're like me and didn't see it work the first time, I actually tried to launch the tool a few times. So check your system tray for multiple instances of the tool and make sure you close them all before re-starting.