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    Default Erdrique's Blog-Did you ever wonder how those skeletons got up there?

    While running through Durk's Got a Secret, I pondered that particular quest-Did You Ever Wonder How Those Skeletons Got Up There?

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    Default Kobold Shamans?

    Well, kobold shamans have demonstrated an (often annoying) ability to levitate. I would not expect one shaman to be strong enough to levitate a body + chain up to the ceiling, but maybe they are. Or a shaman could take a rope (attached to the chain) up that high, then a bunch of kobolds could pull the rope and tie the chain to the ceiling. Even if they didn't cut the rope, it would probably decay in the time it took for the body to decay into a skeleton.

    Why they would do that is another matter. Since they remember Waterworks, maybe there are hanging skeletons there they are trying to replicate?

    Unless it's a lightweight prop to try to scare off adventurers, and they paid off the narrator to mention the bones and rotting flesh.

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    That is definitely true!! Kobolds do have this innate jumping and wall scaling ability that I didn't take into account. LOL, good point!

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