So I was burned once on the Shard Exchange, I learned my lesson and now I am very careful. Okay Paranoid when it comes to the Shard Exchange, I mean I have a Stone of Experience sitting in my bank that's worthless.

Today I Picked up a Bastion - Epic Elite, I verified the item was still BtC on Equip even took a screen shot.

Item arrives in mail, grab it and go to place in shared bank for a toon I may work on.... Bound to Character.

Wait a second, checks screen shot

That does not say Bound to Character. if it did I would have simply bid from the other character.

So I open ticket. Closed with a comment that I should bug report it. No communication from the DM, just closed with a one line entry.
Open new ticket, DM responds, tells me it is a known issue and nothing they can do about it. I can contact CS who might give me a refund, but probably not as its a known issue and may be working as intended. Um not in the known issue list, and heck my search fu is weak not listed here.

So how do I go about getting this fixed? I don't want a refund I want the item made BtCE likes it supposed to be.