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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    Please create MORE jumping puzzles, and people who don't like action-oriented real-time physics games can just not do them.
    Excellent, so kill end content for a lot of people. Sure, make all raids puzzles and jumping and you'll see a dramatic drop of players who had enough waiting for a decent raid scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patang01 View Post
    Excellent, so kill end content for a lot of people. Sure, make all raids puzzles and jumping and you'll see a dramatic drop of players who had enough waiting for a decent raid scene.
    You mean like that dramatic drop of people after MotU when they only created boring streamlined Quests like Detour (which is the best example of a very boring quest).

    I wish there were more interesting unique Quests like Coal Chamber,The Pit,Rainbow in the Dark etc.

    so yes looking forward to Update 21!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelstar View Post
    There is one (singular), entirely optional jumping puzzle in the U21 Raids. It is but one path that can be chosen.
    OK, to be fair, optional is OK. Plus, I don't even raid anyway....I thought I read that the Adventure Zone was going to have jumpy parts to it as well, which was what concerned me, as that obviously gates part of that content.

    But this is an MMORPG, not a MMOFPS. The entire concept of an MMORPG is that the majority of the game relies on developing your CHARACTER's abilities, not your own. Nothing should be extensively twitch-based, and twitch skills should never be requisite for content, except arguably PvP, which is more innately like MMOFPS gameplay.

    I just don't want to see a return to the design philosophy that brought us The Pit or Dreams of Insanity, which are fine for those that like playing Tomb Raiders and Dragons Online, but end up on my permanent "do not play" list every TR. Actual puzzles are great, if its a puzzle that just requires brainwork, and not something like the "puzzle" at the end of Monastery or Siegebreaker that *requires* you to jump around while monsters are whacking you and also triggering tiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    But this is an MMORPG, not a MMOFPS.
    What sets DDO apart is that it is very close to a MMOFPS..

    It's why I (and many others) love this game more than other MMOs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago. Note - This was posted in 10/2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Eth View Post
    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
    Quote Originally Posted by TedSandyman View Post
    Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through. Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak.

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    I don't hate jumping. I usually have an easier time of it than most of the people I play with in my static group. I find that I have no problem in quests where the platforms are separated, but occasionally I'll bonk my head and bounce off a low lying, rounded platform in Coalescence and that awful necro 2 swimming quest. If new content avoids congested jumping areas, I think that would solve the majority of problems. No one is going to bad mouth a quest because the platforms don't have obstacles that shoot you unexpectedly off course. Wait, this is DDO, and no matter how much 90% of the populace hates something, someone is going to say its the best thing ever.

    Usually if I'm doing a jump quest, I'll quit out and relog before starting. It seems to cut down on jump lag a bit. It could be my imagination. Some days I can jump just fine, and other times I take off and have to guess my landing while the game catches up. No matter what, I can count on landing in the lava in VoN5. That quest lags out so bad for me no matter what I do.

    I do not like the current solution of throwing a red dungeon alert amount of enemies at us to make the quest more difficult. More is not better. My graphics card is literally groaning in pain every time I do Friends in Low Places, Thrill of the Hunt or the final quest in Stormhorns. Even people with top end processors lag out. I swear to god that I can smell ozone wafting up from my tower from the graphics card trying to keep up. Lets get back to a Spinner of Shadows mindset, where we have 6-7 hardass enemies harassing us that aren't causing us to wipe due to technical problems. Those hezrous are tough and anyone saying they're not is a liar. I'm totally fine with getting my ass handed to me so long as it is a failure on my own part for getting too ambitious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunklerlindwurm View Post
    interesting unique Quests like Coal Chamber,The Pit,Rainbow in the Dark etc.
    Those aren't interesting; they're lazy. Let me introduce you to a couple of things that should be in the game but aren't, because then precious stories couldn't be told:

    Evocation [Light]
    Level: Brd 3, Clr 3, Drd 3, Pal 3, Sor/Wiz 3
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Object touched
    Duration: 10 min./level (D)
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No
    The object touched sheds light as bright as full daylight in a 60-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 60 feet beyond that. Creatures that take penalties in bright light also take them while within the radius of this magical light. Despite its name, this spell is not the equivalent of daylight for the purposes of creatures that are damaged or destroyed by bright light.

    If daylight is cast on a small object that is then placed inside or under a light-proof covering, the spell’s effects are blocked until the covering is removed.

    Daylight brought into an area of magical darkness (or vice versa) is temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect.

    Daylight counters or dispels any darkness spell of equal or lower level, such as darkness.
    Level: Sor/Wiz 3, Travel 3
    Components: V, S, F/DF
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Duration: 1 min./level
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
    The subject can fly at a speed of 60 feet (or 40 feet if it wears medium or heavy armor, or if it carries a medium or heavy load). It can ascend at half speed and descend at double speed, and its maneuverability is good. Using a fly spell requires only as much concentration as walking, so the subject can attack or cast spells normally. The subject of a fly spell can charge but not run, and it cannot carry aloft more weight than its maximum load, plus any armor it wears.

    Should the spell duration expire while the subject is still aloft, the magic fails slowly. The subject floats downward 60 feet per round for 1d6 rounds. If it reaches the ground in that amount of time, it lands safely. If not, it falls the rest of the distance, taking 1d6 points of damage per 10 feet of fall. Since dispelling a spell effectively ends it, the subject also descends in this way if the fly spell is dispelled, but not if it is negated by an antimagic field.

    Arcane Focus
    A wing feather from any bird.
    Now, jumping is stupid. I don't mind the puzzles on one condition: That my 30+ Intelligence Mage can solve them with a skill check. If I wanted to waste time solving stupid dungeon puzzles, I'd go find a tabletop AD&D game.

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    I'm starting to regret spending the extra money that got me enough points to buy nearly all the packs, these sound like they're going to be worth having and I'm wondering if the points I'll have to pay for to buy them will be more on top of what I've already spent than just being a vip (especially with the other vip benefits -_-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggartk View Post
    This doesn't bother me one bit. When reading the Hobbit, I always thought a D&D adventure based on Moria would be awsome. Since I have no desire to play LOTRO, I am thrilled to have a similar version over here.

    Good Job about that loot.....
    That was my; ;hope also and then I went in there, big disappointment, it looks good and all but its hardly the size that one would expect to find in a dwarven ruin very small the 7 lvs are deceiving, the whole place I estimate to be smaller that coal chamber and that's giving it some. I liked it none the less. but after 20 minutes or so you should have it all opened up
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