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    Default question about weapons

    Hello, I"m a 2 handed Paladin. I just reached lv 19 so I"m thinking more about gear. My current weapon is a +4 Keen Greatsword of natural bane with a base damage range of 21.60. Looking around the auction house/shard exchange I'm not seeing anything with a higher damage range until around level 24. I looked up several named swords for lv 17-20 and all of them have a much lower base damage range somewhere between 14-17. So I am rather confused as to why these named, harder to aquire swords seem to be worse then a sword I got from a end chest? I imagine I'm not understaning how this works?

    I guess my main question is; is base damage the most important fator?
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    If you're using a greatsword you are probably going to want to get either an Epic Sword of Shadows (holy grindfest batman!) or a Skybreaker out of Fall of Truth. Insanity out of the Missing quest (Harbinger of Madness pack) isn't a bad option.

    Base damage is important, but it's not as critical as the abilities you can stack onto it from feats, enhancements, and epic destinies. Sadly, pure paladin is rather lacking in the pure DPS department. Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, the Two Handed Fighting feats, Improved Critical, and Overwhelming Critical are all valuable things to get. Make sure you have the biggest Deadly item you can wear. A Seeking item is probably also a good thing to pick up.

    The reason why you're finding it a bit odd is that the named weapons you're looking at for your level don't get the Paragon Weapon effect that random lootgen items do, so a large percentage of them will do a flat [2d6] damage instead of 1.5[2d6] the way Paragon weapons do. There's no shame in using random lootgen stuff if you're doing more damage that way, but you should probably start looking around at named EPIC weapons (SoS or Skybreaker) and plan to pursue them accordingly. Both can take significant effort go get.
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    Base damage is just one component of doing decent melee damage. The number is supposed to be a mean of the weapon's enhancement and damage dice given the its critical profile. It does not include stuff like weapon effects (in your case, Natural Bane), feats/enhancements, buffs, damage from other equipment sources, and character Strength.

    In your case, Natural Bane does extra damage to a specific subset of monsters (animals, plants, etc), and will have absolutely no effect on other enemies. Keen (level 1) expands the crit range of your weapon, so you will crit more often. However, the great majority of melees take the Improved Critical feat, so Keen I is a waste. Higher levels of Keen are not so wasteful as they also increase the damage dice.

    One other thing you should consider is enemy Damage Reduction. Melees do not typically use one weapon full-time in heroic levels (this is less true in epic if you have a decent weapon and a good destiny) because some weapons are penalised against certain enemy types. For example, to do full damage (orange numbers, not yellow) against skeletons, you need to use a blunt weapon; to do full damage against devils, you need either good or silver; to do full damage against mariliths, your weapon must be both cold iron and good. The higher the difficulty setting, the higher the DR you will face, and consequently, the less damage you do if you don't break DR.

    As a Paladin, you have the Holy Sword spell, requiring a weapon blank from divine reagent vendors, which persists until logout. It's basically a +5 Holy Burst weapon with multiple material types to help you break DR. This is probably a better general weapon than your Keen of Natural Bane.

    Alternatively, if you can find a good weapon with a high +enhancement bonus, good suffix (Pure Good will damage almost everything, as will Heartseeker), and good prefix (Holy, damage against nongood; an elemental Burst effect), you can use that as a general weapon where DR is not a concern.

    If you haven't found your way to the DDO Wiki, I highly recommend a looksee.
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    thanks, that kind of clears things up lol. I've had insanity for quite some time, but never equiped it, I also have atonment which is what I used before this. I guess I"ll have to switch them out in a dungeon and see what the differnce is.

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    base damage on it's own is most likely the worst thing to look at on it's own.

    taking a look at a few greatswords:

    the guardians dagger:
    nice critrange: 17-20 / x2

    Sword of the Thirty outperforms most greatswords of it's level (17-20 / x2) against non fort mobs.
    It's lv 6

    Whirlwind has a nice base damage and trip ability.
    it's lv 10

    the Sword of shadow (sos) out preforms your weapon due to its critrange(18-20 / x3) against non fort mobs.
    It's lv 10

    A triple positive greensteel greatsword (even beter, greataxe vs zombies or maul vs skelies) will greatly outperform your greatsword vs undead, use ghost touch bracers or (sands)gloves for ghots etc.
    it's lv 12 (or 8 for us oldies before they nerfed it) Though a raid crafted item, it's easy to find friends/guildies with many hundreds of those ingredients they have farmed over the years. this raid has many unique and great crafting options.

    Cloudburst is a great item when surrounded, the area of affect damages all mobs around you
    remember, these are just a few of them, there are more weapon types
    All of these named greatswords i would weild over random loot gen, due to crit range or utility

    Terror was very nice before dev's broke it during a blanket nerf during an attempt to fix on of their other mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibanezbort View Post
    thanks, that kind of clears things up lol. I've had insanity for quite some time, but never equiped it, I also have atonment which is what I used before this. I guess I"ll have to switch them out in a dungeon and see what the differnce is.
    Definitely keep a few different types in your inventory, because what you will need may vary not only from quest to quest, but also within a quest. Just throw out an example: House J's lvl 11 "The Enemy Within" has a mix of Frostmarrow skellies, ghouls/ghasts, zombie types, humans, and mind flayers. Having a flaming greatclub works awesome against the Frostmarrows, but you'd want to switch out for good ghost touch/undead bane/holy/pure good edged weapons against the rest (with maybe a Chaotic-aligned and/or Byeshk weapon for the mind flayers).

    What will work great and do awesome damage in one quest may not be quite as great in another quest, against another monster type. Have a good go-to general weapon, sure, but keep a few other types around as well. It can be amazing the difference it makes.
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