In the great metropolis of Sharn, the Mall known as Tradefair, in Central Plateau, a tiefling known only as Johny Baatezu, recruit several adventurers to a date on the Boldrei's Heart, later:

A drow, cleric of the goddess Lolth and a foul mood ranger shadar-kai, an eladrin sorcerer, an warforged wizard with a huge arcane library on his back and a simple kobold that walked by Tradefair trying to steal someone.

In a bustling little Tavern of Boldrei's Heart, and with 2 hours of late, Johny Baatezu, account for thrill-seekers who works in a "secret association" referred to as Society Auram, trying to retrieve historical items lost by 5 Nations of Eberron. So he explains that seeks a lost relic from the Era of giants in Eberron known as "Burning Crystal" that society Auram intends to forward to a Museum in Sharn.

Johny also explains that to avoid the bureaucracy of Trade Council of Sharn, would be more "practical" than the adventurers invade a ship anchored in the Harsh cliff, called Emerald Sparrow, and stole the Crystal from there.

Although not believe much in the history of the Tiefling, the adventurers decided to accept the proposal of Auram Society and left for the Dura District immediately.

In Dura, dirty streets infested by goblinoids and bloodthirsty sailors didn't seem to shake the confidence of the group... They didn't find that Emerald Sparrow. But it was the eladrin Wizard, Calliban Thunderwalk, who finally found it. And then the trouble started:

There was no way to get into the boat by normal means. There was no boarding ramp available. So some of the adventurers had the "brilliant" idea to go through the water and climb up to the deck. In theory everything would work.

The drow cleric Shivra plummeted during the ascent on the boat and fell into the water while his colleague disconsolate Arcanum warforged already floats like a stone at her side. The rest of the group, the ranger shadar kai Shallah, the eladrin Calliban and the kobold Slyssk reached the deck of the Emerald Sparrow and found themselves with a crew of 6 bloodthirsty goblins ...

The fight was violent. The kobold Slyssk murdered 5 Goblins and became the hero of the night! Shallah fought bravely despite being seriously injured. The warforged Wizard, after finally climbing on the boat had 2 successive critical failures that shook seriously their mechanical structures. To make things worse, one of the goblins sailors hit the nail on the head and ended up destroying him completely...

Shivra spent the entire fight in the water doing company to the ship's anchor... When Finally she managed to climb up to the deck, managed to save the shadowfell tourist, Shallah, who was already succumbing to attacks of goblins, and she shoot a cloud of darkness which instead of helping just "hide" the enemy and further delaying the end of the battle.

With the crew of dead goblins, lacked only the ship's captain. That was downstairs. In the basement. The kobold Slyssk has 2 decisive successes achieved by opening the doors of the vessel, further increasing his reputation in the group. And soon the adventurers were facing a truculente pirate Captain known as hobgoblin Black Sword.

The hobgoblins captain's attacks were violent and the Group was heading for certain death when he was finally gunned down by successive attacks of Slyssk and Calliban. Before he died, Black Sword revealed that had sold the Crystal Hot 3 days did. And that the adventurers should seek in a tavern in the District of Callestan in Dura, known as the Boot Of Orc.

The heroes then looted the Emerald Sparrow and took off from there.