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    Default Snapshot of my warforged rogue monk at lev 13

    So this is my completionist monk normally toon. Currently 6 rogue 6 monk 1 fighter.

    Right now he is sitting at lev 13 (rank 63/2 bubbles in). Put first 3 level ups into strength to qualify with a +5 tome for overwhelming crit. 16 and 20 will go to dex to qualify for imp sneak attack. 24 and 28 will go to wis. Up until now his gear has been pretty makeshift and fast. Decided to redo his gear comprehensively tonight and what I came up with looks like an extraordinary setup for a lev 13 rogue. His past lives inc 3x barb fighter pal monk ranger, 1 life each of the rest. +3 tomes just kicked in, some stats are currently odd with gear/enhancements taken. Feats taken are PA/cleave/great cleave/master of forms, path of light, twf/itwf, stunning fist, imp crit blud and completionist. Epic PLs colors of the queen and double strike (one each). Have +4 skill tomes in hide, MS, heal, balance and search. +3s in most the rest. future feats gtwf, grandmaster of forms, improved evasion, opportunist, imp sneak attack, overwhelming crit, perfect twf, epic PRR, epic mage armor.

    Gear; deadly +6 helm, crafted +6 health of dodge 2% necklace w/ large guild slot 20 hp, voice of the master +saves crafted, GS smoke hp cloak, crafted false life 30 belt w/ green aug slotted heavy fort, wis +6 ring, resistance +6 ring, charged gauntlet, upgraded madstones, leviks bracers, crafted +5 unbalancing magecraft docent w/ 8 PRR in blue slot, tharnes goggles/+6 nat armor goggles swap.

    Weapons: lev 12 wraps of endless light, +4 master craft acid tier 2, icy burst, doublestrike 3%. vampiric stondust, random throwing star. Wraps have +1 force damage added.
    Uses clickies 2x GS haste/UMD boots, 2 render googles, 10x invis from a cloak and ring, 2x displace from cloak, 2x GH from girds, 6x clicks of shield via FF boots and goggles.

    16 points have been spent in warforged racial tree. 1st 3 core abils, giving 1con and 75% fort. 6 ap into healer's friend, 2 ap into toughness, 6 ap into tactics and 1 ap into weapon attachment.

    34 ap spent in shintao. 1st 3 core abils, 6 ap into deft strikes, 3 ap into conditioning, 4 ap iron skin, jade strike/tomb of jade/smite tainted/dismissing strike/unbalancing strike 2 ap each, 2 ap each for meditation of war and empty hand mastery, 4 AP into wisdom.

    Will be getting with last 30 ap= kukan-do 2 ap, Kensei 1st core abil 1 ap, haste 3 6 ap, 1st extra action boost 2 ap, ninja spy core #1, 1 ap, SA training 3rd tier 6 ap, faster sneaking 1st tier 2 ap, acrobatic 3 ap, sting of ninja 2 ap, no mercy 6 ap. total 30.

    Basic #s, madstoned up 547 hp, 560 if rage pot.67 ac, 13 % dodge chance, perm blur w/ displace clicks, 40 PRR, 36 in all elem resists, 37 stunning fist DC, 3.0W 1d8 +29 damage using +5 wraps. 21% doublestrike, 3rd tier rogue SA.

    Pretty cool for a level 13

    Gaps in gear: No toughness, or whatever its called nowdays. No posion/disease resist/blind/feat immunity. Have to pot for natural and deflection AC.

    Plays just like a monk, with really high trap saves, and when you stun things your really really rip them apart. Heal amp is solid, and cure pots are more effective. But with just single piece of 20% gear at this level he still only gets 1s and 2s of his heal curse.
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    Reckter: 28 heroic, 3 iconic and 19 eic PLs, now a 17 art/3rog shadar-kai. Anhilliation: 3x wiz/sorc PLs, 13 epic PLs now a dwarf 17barb/3bard. . Vikzor: 2xfvs + 4x epic PL horc 19fvs 1 fighter. Rekter: 3x rog & 1 fighter + 4 epic PLs, h-orc 13 rogue 6 monk 1 druid. Veisha: 3x bard + 4 epic PLs, PDK 16 bard 4 fighter.

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