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    Default The High Council is Recruting

    In case you haven't met us -

    The High Council, is a small, but very active guild. We are a fairly laid-back guild with members who have been playing together for a number of years. Most of us in the guild are from either the west or east coasts of Canada and the U.S, so our play times are usually during those day/night time hours. Currently we are not a raiding guild, however you'll find us constantly playing through both Heroic and Epic level content.

    If you're interested in joining us -

    Because we're such a small guild, we actually don't have too many requirements. In fact, we only have three:

    1) Have one epic level character - With everyone in the guild constantly TR'ing, our characters are scattered all across levels 1-28. Having one character at the epic levels means that you'll be able to run with us when we do things as a guild. We don't expect you to be completely geared out and raid-ready (we can help with that), but we do want you to be able to do stuff with us occasionally.

    2) Be active - We're not going to be crazy and demand that you play for 8 hours a day every day. It's understandable that you have a life that probably comes with a family, a job, and other priorities. However, we are looking for players that we can count on seeing more than a few times a month.

    3) Be that person that most people want in their quests and raids - Because The High Council is such a small guild, drama within our guild is pretty much non-existent. We also run stuff with people from other guilds and they seem to like us too. So we basically want you to be a decent human being that other people won't complain about.

    If you want to join, send an in-game tell or message to RaspberryX or any member of The High Council that you see online.

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    Ahh, THC, I hardly see anyone around anymore. Maybe since I usually play pretty late recently. Attaa, Baal, Veng, BuffBuff, frankenstine, kennedy, Picardia, alda, pixie Any still around? And hi Raspberry. Goodluck getting new blood.
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