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    Default Why is there no Store, on I can only see offers, but no store to buy from.

    Why is there no Store, on I can only see offers, but no store to buy from.

    There is store button, and when i press it i get the offers this week. But i cant click on any of the items, well i can but it just brings me to top off offers page again. I can go to buy turbine points, but it tells me, click button ins store to buy, but i cant get into store.

    Whats going on here?

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    The purchases are made in-game.

    They can be made in the login screen, or after you log into a specific character (depending on the specific purchase you are making).

    I guess that's the way they choose to do it.
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    You're going to need to actually log into the game to use the store.

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    Things like Shadowfell however can be baught from the site without logging into the game. Requires either Paypal or Clackandbuy which both have made me mad at them though. I think there's also a level 3 perm cleric hireling and other things you can get too without being in the game. What's with the inconsistency on this? And why can't I just buy those in game, or can I do that sometimes it's hard to sort through the DDO store.

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