I need advice on level and class split for my next TR. So somehow I have manged to collect most of the weapons from CITW and I have 2 available raiders boxes. So I want to create a toon that can use many of these weapons. I also want to create a toon that i can ETR a few times and lvl up a different type of toon by a simple LR. So one day a monk archer, the next a twf blitzer, the 3ed day a THF cleaver... that type of thing.

So that said I have a few specifications:
1) no handwraps - to many handwrap toons as it is.
2) A lvl split that lets me, with a LR, swich to a different type of toon easly enough.
3) A high damage toon, I'm used to playing a high dmg toon I don't want to lose that.
4) High survivability - Want to be able to shortman/solo EE quests and I will really need this as a melee toon.

So with that i mind the split im thinking is a 12 fighter/6monk/6ranger/2pally. This of course doesn't work! I have access to bladeforged, have +4 tomes across the board (with a +5 from mabar), and good gear.

So what do you guys thing about split that lets me leverage flexibility while still being high dmg and high survivability.