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    Default right mouse button settings defaulting after every restart

    I use four mouse buttons in total as modifier keys. Three of those I had to bind to keys on the keyboard in my drivers since they weren't being recognized by the game (at all or as modifier keys; I don't remember the details as I have been using most of these bindings for what feels like two years now). The one mouse button I didn't have to rebind is the right mouse button. I haven't been able to solve one problem though, nor did I even know where to begin: the right mouse button gets rebound after reach restart of the game to its default setting, namely that thing where it allows you to use your cursor without switching out of mouse-look as long as you hold it.

    This luckily doesn't mess with my other bindings (I use it as a modifier key for two of my hotbars) but I still have to reset that particular setting every time I run the game. It's technically not a big deal but I was wondering if anyone was able to circumvent this and keep it from defaulting every time.

    EDIT: Just to clear things up a little more, the setting in question is called DDO classic interact/steer. My right mouse button gets bound to it after every restart of the game client, even if I've already got two separate keys - the supposed maximum - bound to it. It uses the right mouse button regardless until I clear (and optionally rebind) the setting. Again, this isn't even that much of a hassle but it still feels silly having to check my settings every time I run the game, so I thought I'd ask for a possible solution.
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