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    Default In Game GM says we cant do anything report it as a bug im hoping this is a joke.

    Was logged off due to inactivity (happens all the time have a family need to afk often.) Was afk in Eveningstar came back im fairly sure it was logout due to inactivity (Pro bowl was on). Log back in notice that something is wrong with my hotbars because I have a weapon set over near my jewels and exp stuff; that is not normal. Go thru inventory knowing something is wrong to find that my raid timer bypasses have not only mysteriously disappeared but I now have a second key to Eveningstar that wasn't there in their place.

    I submit an in game ticket to a GM who updates and closes the ticket telling me we cant help you report it as a bug.

    Checking my account purchases from the store I purchased 17 raid timer bypasses, they were on sale and I like to stock up when they are. I did use several of these this week but im now out the rest?

    I just want to be clear I pay real money for 17 of an item in the last 10 days. Lets say I used 5 so the real money I paid for 12 is now just gone and there is nothing you're going do about it?

    If I go to best buy purchase something from them and they mess it up either with delivery or a problem at their end they make it right. How can you charge real money for something have some kind of bug cause it to transform into a different item and then tell them sorry but we aren't going to help you?

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    First try moving the new key to a second inventory slot, your bypasses may be hiding in the same slot (weird, but its happened to me)

    If that doesnt work, ring customer services, they fixed this exact problem for me.

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    Its like fTdOmen says. The inventory its bugged, some users have problem with space and inventory overload. Even with space, some items appears over other items.
    In teory, like a dev says, moving the item should solve the problem.
    Theres a post with your problem, i dont have time now to search for it, but maybe latter i can.

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