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    I'm streaming about five days a week, Sunday-Thursday, 11am-4pm EST.

    The majority of the time, it's our 2-man guild running TR lives.
    DDO Player since 2006. Lifetime VIP. Originally from Lhazaar; Now residing on Ghallanda.
    Check my (far from complete) DDO walkthrough videos at
    I stream DDO Sun-Thrusdays, 11am-4pm EST!

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    Default Vooduspyce now live streaming Twitch!

    I've finally found my way over from Youtube and will be live streaming on my Twitch channel vooduspyce

    I plan on live streaming a lot of our public raid events on Sarlona as well as lots of other content while past life grinding. Our public raid schedule is:

    Monday 10pm EST Legendary Shroud
    Tuesday 10pm EST Legendary Shroud
    Thursday 9pm EST heroic Abbot
    Friday 9pm EST Mark of Death, Defiler of the Just, Riding the Storm Out

    Details about our public raid events are in the Sarlona forum at Raid Nights with the High Lords of Malkier!

    Hope to see you there

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    Default PB and the Magefire Cannon Express

    So, I wandered on over and made a Twitch account, going to try streaming our three-person-plus-pugs past lives. We usually play Monday-Friday 1930-2300 EST (GMT -5), and most Saturdays and Sundays approximately 1200-2300.

    The stream may not be that regular, it depends on what's going on. I have no clue what I'm doing at this point, so expect weird hiccups.

    Anyway, here's a link to my channel:

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    Default Live streaming test

    Well, started a test run, running a 1st lifer toon, only using what i drop, not taking any shared bank items too.
    Pretty much running everything on normal, unless someone on the party can open E/R [might not be a great idea tho]
    The thing is, that im having lots of fun.
    1st time streaming ever, so if someone wants to check it out...
    Maybe give some pointers too, feel free :P

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    Default Mesmerita buffs!

    Hey all I started streaming a little while back and having lots of fun with it. Slowly improving my stream and growing a little!

    Check me out on or follow the link in my sig, thanks!

    Ilmer Silverhilt, 36pt Elf Fighter12/Monk6/Paladin2. The Kighter
    Mesmerita d'Jorasco, 36pt Drow Bard20. Can't talk, TR'ing!
    Acrobot, 36pt Bladeforged Banker/Puppet/Guildeader
    The Adventure Pack(200), Cannith.

    Livestreaming on

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    Default Clerlise where Deaths are expected.

    Come watch me try to survive the trial and tribulations of DDO. Lots of laughs and serious dying.You will get my over joyed excitement of finding wanted treasures and my rage at sudden deaths. See Homeboys of Stormreach on Khyber battle thru Raids on any given Saturday 4 -8 Est. i stream daily 3-5 pm Est and also 1-3am est. Hope to chat with you soon @

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    Default CODE GIVEAWAY on my stream

    There will be a CODE GIVEAWAY on my stream January 12 starting at 4pm EST until all codes are gone. Come join the fun and also watch the Homeboys of Stormreach run thru some legendary raids. Good luck everyone.

    Watch me here

    Codes are Random. They were a gift to me to gift back to you.

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    Just getting started, but will be streaming mostly endgame level content.

    Feel free to stop by and say hi.

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    Default Multistreaming with

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Are you streaming DDO on places like Twitch, Ustream, Google+, or your web site? Tell us about it! Use this thread to post a link to your URL. Have fun!
    Yes I multistream to Youtube, Twitch and facebook simultaneously. I currently have 52 followers after approx 5 weeks streaming... I am an Aussie gamer chick who loves DDO, I respond to chat regularly and run with a static Team regularly almost every night between 7-8pm EST and we run between R6 to R10 from mid range lvl to high lvl.

    I stream from the Sarlona server and my main character Raeyyne is a completionist Cleric/Monk that has tr'd 34 times and currently has 35 Reaper Points, she is the main character out of the 12 that I have which are either TRs or First Lifers.

    I am happy to do walk thrus for viewers that are new players interested and they only have to ask in chat if I am not already doing a walk thru or I am currently running quests with my static team.

    You can find my channel (set to mature content) and click follow or subscribe for alerts on my next streams, I do not yet have a schedule drawn up but will be doing that in the near future, currently I closely monitor Twitch so that's the best platform on which to subscribe and follow.

    I would love to have a spot on DDOstream if there is room during the times I run reapers with my Static Team
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