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    Thanks, that solved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    As a new crafter, aim for levels 35/35/35.
    This. That's approximately where my highest level character is now with crafting (doing only bound shards, that is), and I can craft the shards of potential and most of the prefixes and suffixes you can get in common loot drops. If you want to get uber stuff (like metalline, or holy burst), then you're looking into devoting a *lot* of time into crafting, as well as plat, because a lot of those recipes will require purified dragonshards as well as mats like ritual/blessed candles, and 'rare' mats like the mystical bottle or the dried fish from certain quests (farming for multiples of those would quickly become a snoozefest), and you'd need to be somewhere near level 80 or above to get even the 50% chance of crafting (metalline is level 100).

    As it stands right now, crafting is a nice supplement to your gear, but I would personally not devote a whole lot of time to it beyond what you really need.
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    alchemical is pretty easy, check ddo wiki

    epic crafting need the base item + scroll of the item(unbound) + seal of the item (BTA) + shard of the item (BTA)

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