I like playing in a party but partys are hard to find (at least when i am playing). So I got an idea - here comes The Trusted - a guild whose sole purpose is to gather EU playerbase who enjoy playing together. It will be a Loong journey till we reach our goal but I think it will be worth it.

Q: Who is the guild for?
Anyone who enjoys playing in a group rather then Soloing quests. Anyone who is really roleplaying and having fun doing it, anyone who is new to D&D and wants some help to understand it.

Q: Do I need to be based in EU?
Not obligatory. But we do try to create a playerbase who enjoys playing together so being online lets say 17 - 01:00 (GMT +2 ) would be great. (this is the time I am usually online)

Q: Any specific rules?
For the moment - not really. Just to enjoy the game and playing in a party. The guild is probably not for the so called zergers

Q: How big is the guild?
Lvl: 6, 2 players, 3 toons. Hei, we created it 2 days ago, give me a break!

Q: I don't care that much about the size, how do I join?
You can write your char name here, or in PM or send a message ingame to: Malavin or Maelwen Norin