Hey there, everyone!

I've been doing ranged for about four years now and find the "strafe to hit the most possible targets" playstyle to be an absolute blast. Artificers, archers, shuriken chuckers - I've done them all, enjoy them all, and sometimes make builds that use two or more weapon types competently simply because it will be fun.

I took a break from the game just before the Shadowfell expansion because I saw it was a rather incomplete piece of work that did not offer the content necessary to make an increase of level actually work. Having randomly stumbled across the news of two raids popping up in the near future, and the corresponding influx of activity, I thought it prudent to come back, dust off the old halfling, and acquire some more turbine points so I can pick that pack up at launch.

I do not have the expansion, but as a very old freebie who drank the Underdark Kool-Aid, I have about 90-95% of the content in the game unlocked. Every raid is accounted for, save the Titan (Forever alone, buddy.)

I'm one of those people who enjoys good content for the sake of good content. To that end, I spend more time than is strictly necessary geeking out in puzzle quests and I'm more than happy to dive headlong into The Pit or The Pit Jr. (Spies in the House) when I haven't already done it that day. Still, I find that others often need carrots dangled in front of their faces to do this more cerebral content. What I'm looking for is a guild that appreciates and habitually runs the old content that so many others have likely shunned in preference of the 11 (Is it 11?) quests that are now considered "current". There's a whole wide world out there. Let's not ignore it simply because a bad loot designer has overwritten the work of an amazing loot designer. (Godspeed to you, Genasi, wherever you are!)

What this halfling offers in groups:

- 350 shuriken a minute per target backed by an assortment of items that have been selected simply because they offer a proc effect. Tendon slices, freezing ices, nerve venom, double rainbow, manslayer, ninja poison, beguilement, spelltouched effects, and more will make sure that every pull proceeds in a ridiculous fashion with many mobs simply held there in place as they try to comprehend what on earth is going on. Held mobs become statistically more likely to receive an effect, such as blinding, that makes them move around even though they're held.

- Extreme kiting that ensures that melee characters get their 5,000 steps for the day.
(With the aforementioned holds and attack rate, this is much less of an issue than I make it out to be.)

- Sustained DPS not included. Completely random proc bursts may or may not come at the right time.